EZ Curl Barbell Comparison Guide

XMARK EZ Curl Barbell comparison Guide XMARK EZ Curl Barbell Comparison Guide

EZ Curl Bar FAQs

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Which curl bar has hard chrome sleeves?

While all of our curl bars have chrome sleeves, none are hard chrome.

What are the differences between curl bars?

The most noticeable difference will be in the shaft diameter. The Lumberjack-Curl and the XM-3670 both have a 25mm shaft while our other curl bars have a 28mm shaft.  This smaller shaft accommodates those with smaller hands. 

All of our EZ bars have the same 6.25” loadable sleeve length and a 400lb weight capacity. Be sure to reference our EZ curl bar guide for all the specs.

Which EZ curl bar is your best seller?

All of our curl bars sell very well; however, many customers prefer the Crowbar or the CHISEL.  The specs on these two curling bars are very similar (weight, length, shaft diameter); however, the XMARK EZ Curl Crowbar Barbell has brass bushings while the EZ Curl CHISEL Barbell has needle bearings. Needle bearings deliver a smoother spin.

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