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Are your barbells suitable for Olympic lifting?

Yes! While all of our barbells are suitable for different lifting types, if you are specifically looking for an IWF standard barbell, our XMARK Voodoo Barbell and XMARK Crowbar Barbell are great choices for Weightlifting!

What is the weight of the hex trap barbell?

About 55lbs unboxed

Do you offer specialty barbells, such as women's bars or powerlifting bars?

Yes! We off a few specialty barbells. We have a 15kg/33lb barbell called the Steel Magnolia bar, which is a barbell typically used by women. We also have a Hex Trap Bar and the Big Easy Squat Barbell which are meant for Powerlifting.

Do you have a multipurpose barbell?

Yes, most of the bars in our collection have a multi-functional use.

What is the weight capacity of your barbells?
What barbell would you recommend for beginners?

If you’re just starting out, we recommend the multipurpose Lumberjack Barbell.

What is the length and diameter of your barbells?
  • XMARK Big Easy Barbell: 94.5” long, 32mm grip diameter, 2” sleeve diameter
  • XMARK Steel Magnolia Barbell: 79” long, 25mm grip diameter, 2” sleeve diameter
  • Outside of the Big Easy and Steel Magnolia, all of our barbells are 7ft and 28mm in diameter
Are your barbells compatible with standard weight plates?

No, standard weight plates have a 1” insert. Our barbells have a 2” sleeve diameter which means they fit all Olympic plates and bumper plates with a 2” insert.

Are your barbells suitable for both commercial and home gym use?

Any of our bars are an excellent choice for the home gym.  Barbells in a commercial gym are subject to abuse by the members. In a commercial environment, we recommend the Catahoula, the Steel Magnolia, and the Big Easy, Voodoo, or Crowbar.

Do you offer barbell sets, or are they sold individually?

We do! Check out our Barbell and Weight Sets here.

How do I properly maintain and clean my barbell?

Great question! Check out this article we wrote on the best ways to care for your barbell.

Do you have a deadlift barbell?

While we do not have a designated Deadlift bar, our Big Easy barbell has deep knurling that makes it a great option for heavy deadlifts.

Are your barbells suitable for outdoor use?

We would not recommend using any brand of barbells outdoors due to the risk of weather exposure causing rust and corrosion, as well as the increased maintenance challenges associated with outdoor use, ultimately compromising the longevity and safety of the equipment.

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