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Olympic Plate Comparison Guide

Olympic Plate Comparison Guide Olympic Plate Comparison Guide

Olympic Plate FAQs

Do you have questions about our Olympic plates? Check out our most frequently asked questions!

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Are your olympic plates for commercial use?

Plate weights are warranted against defects in manufacturing for a period of one year for non-commercial use. This would not cover wear and tear, or broken plates from dropping.

For commercial use, the warranty covers defects in workmanship upon delivery.  If you are interested in products for commercial use, be sure to check out our competition and training bumpers, urethane dumbbells, and training Olympic bars. These are perfect in a commercial setting.

Do you offer a warranty on your plates?

The specific warranty details can be found here.

Can steel plates go on the bumper tree?

The storage sleeves on our Olympic tree and bumper tree are 2” in diameter. If your steel plates have 2” collar opening, yes, they will absolutely fit.

It’s important to note the difference in our trees. The bumper tree supports a larger plate diameter.  Bumper plates are traditionally 17.71” in diameter, so the storage sleeves are spaced further apart to accommodate these.

Olympic weights will increase in diameter as the weight increases, so you’ll notice the Olympic tree has more storage posts.

What are olympic plates best used for?

Olympic plates are great for weightlifting and adding to your machines that accept Olympic plates. It’s important to remember that Olympic plates are not designed for dropping. If you’re performing exercises like clean and jerk where you may need to drop the weight, you’ll definitely want to check out our line of bumper plates.

What is the biggest difference between your 5 olympic plate options?

Four of our Olympic plates are rubber coated. Our Tri-Grip plates are our tried-and-true entry level plates. These were the first plates in the XMARK line-up years ago and they continue to be a customer favorite.

Our other rubber coated plates, the Texas Star, Black Diamond and Chisel vary in the grip handles and also the different designs which appeal to a wide range of users.  Our Iron Horse cast iron Olympic plates have a sleek design that evokes the classic feel and sound of training in an old school gym.

Stay on the lookout for our calibrated steel plates and urethane Olympic plates which will be released soon. Both will be ideal for commercial settings.

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