Making our MARK

Since our journey began in 2000, the core of our business lies in a profound commitment to delivering superior fitness equipment that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Initially, we ventured into the fitness industry by selling products from various brands. However, as we listened to our customers, it became abundantly clear that MANY OF THESE BRANDS WERE PRIORITIZING PRICE OVER QUALITY. It was then that we made the decision to begin production of our own brand of strength equipment, XMARK.

Our reliance on these three core business principles has been
the key to our success for over two decades.

WE HAVE RECOGNIZED THE NEED FOR EQUIPMENT THAT CATERS TO THE DIVERSE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUALS AND WE EXTENSIVELY RESEARCH AND DESIGN OUR PRODUCTS ACCORDINGLY. We enhanced weight capacity by utilizing heavier gauge steel, improved the density and thickness of our cushions to offer optimal back support during intense workouts, and implemented other modifications to ensure compatibility with individuals of varying heights and builds. To go the extra mile, we added special features such as high-quality bolted-on feet to protect your flooring, oversized sweat-resistant foam rollers for ultimate comfort, double-stitched cushions on our benches for a polished appearance, and rust-resistant barbell coatings such as black phosphate manganese and cerakote. WE HAVE ADDITIONALLY IMPLEMENTED STRINGENT MEASURES TO MAINTAIN UNCOMPROMSING QUALITY CONTROL THROUGHOUT THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS ENSURING THAT OUR STRINGENT STANDARDS ARE CONSITENTLY MET.

We sincerely thank you for choosing XMARK. Partnering with you in your success is our utmost priority, and we are excited to welcome you to our Krewe.